Homemade Ginger Wine

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Here’s the recipe of Homemade Ginger Wine, a mildly hot and sweet wine which can be made in just 3 days!!!!


Homemade Ginger Wine

Source: My Mom 🙂

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Homemade Ginger Wine
Here's the recipe of Homemade Ginger Wine, a mildly hot and sweet wine which can be made in just 3 days!!!! Homemade Ginger Wine Source: My Mom 🙂
  1. Boil the chopped ginger along with sugar, broken red chillies and water for 5 minutes. Let cool.
  2. Strain the mixture and add the yeast and citric acid.
  3. Stir well to ensure that the citric acid crystals are dissolved.
  4. Transfer to an air tight container and keep for 3 days.
  5. Your wine is ready :-).
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  1. Anonymous says:

    mareena do we need to use glass container?

  2. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Sonia, Glass containers should do for this..

  3. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Yes 🙂

  4. Janet Henderson says:

    How long will this keep for if stored in plastic bottles?

  5. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Hi Janet,
    I have read somewhere that wine stored in plastic bottles starts to deteriorate after eight months. I have always used glass bottles.. Hope this helps 🙂

  6. anonymous says:

    Thanks for that, also wondering what kind of yeast to use, does it have to be wine making yeast or will normal baking yeast do?

  7. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Baking yeast will do just fine. 🙂

  8. Janet Henderson says:

    Thank just one last question, is this non alcoholic, have been looking at a few recipes getting quite confused

  9. Mareena Jerrish says:

    From what I know fermented wine is alcoholic…so this should come under the alcoholic category. Hope this helps…Btw, feel free to ask away all questions..Shall try and answer them to the best of my knowledge..Take care!!! 🙂

  10. Aby Varghese says:

    Hi Mareena, Could you please tell us how to prepare home made grape wine?

  11. Mareena Jerrish says:


    I have sent a mail to the mail id given along with the comment. Please confirm the receipt. 🙂

  12. anu v says:

    Hi…3 days, you mean 72 hours? Thks

  13. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Yes 🙂

  14. anonymous says:

    tks!! having lived in kerala for some time, was lukin out for this receipe, will try it,!!!Merry X’mas

  15. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Merry Xmas to you as well 🙂

  16. Michelle says:

    HI Mareena,
    Thanks a lot for the easy recipe… 🙂 Juat wanted to confirm with you if 1250 gms sugar is actually necessary for 250 gms ginger?? Or will 500 gms do?? Thanks in advance for the reply

  17. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Yes 1250 gms sugar for 250 gms ginger… 🙂

  18. Michelle says:

    Hey Mareena, I did try out the ginger wine recipe.. But i have no clue what went wrong.I opened it yesterday(after 3 days), and we tasted it. But it was tooo sweet and it didn’t feel like wine. I mean it felt like a concentrated ginger drink and my husband actually added water to it and drank it saying…don’t worry u can give it to guests when they come.. just take a little of it and dilute…. :'( Can you pls help me on that… For 1250gms sugar, i added 6 1/4 cups of sugar (as i didn’t have a kitchen weighing scale) … yeast just as told , I added just half a teaspoon. And yeah instead of citric acid i added lemon juice. Pls advice me on what correction to make.. .This was my first attempt..Didn’t work out well though… Hope to get your reply..

  19. Mareena Jerrish says:

    1 cup sugar- 225 gms. So 1250 gms should have been 5.5 cups of sugar. As for using lemon juice instead of citric acid, I am not sure if its ok as I have never tried it. As for the sweetness I can say that you may have added more sugar. This is the recipe my mom has been following for years and some of the readers have tried it out successfully. Better luck next time…:-)

  20. Michelle says:

    oops.. so that means i added almost 1 cup extra.. hmm… Well…I’ll surely try this out again with less sugar.. :)..

  21. Michelle says:

    Thanks.. 😀

  22. Mareena Jerrish says:

    you are most welcome dear Michelle 🙂

  23. anonymous says:

    Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  24. Mareena Jerrish says:

    You are welcome 🙂

  25. faizal hamsa says:

    Dear Mareena,

    could you pls send me the grape wine preparation also

    my mail id is : [email protected]

    Thanks in advance

  26. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Sent you the recipe. Please check your mail.

  27. anoop thomas says:

    could u sent me different types of wine recipe? especially dry fruits

  28. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Hi Anoop,

    Shall try and send when possible

  29. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Thank you 🙂

  30. Regina says:

    We have been thinking of making grape wine for some time now. I read in the comments that you have sent the recipe to a few people. Could you send it to me as well?!

  31. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Shall try and send it when I get time Regina.

  32. Deepa says:

    Citric acid evide kittum?

  33. Mareena Jerrish says:

    supermarketukalil citric acid kittum..Chila bakeries-lum kittum.

  34. anonymous says:

    Mareena – I am a diabetic and therefore sugar is a big NO; is it ok to use mollases or jaggery.

  35. Mareena Jerrish says:


    I am not sure of that as I haven’t tried it with anything but sugar. Sorry 🙁

  36. terence says:

    Hi, do you have a recipe to make Paan liqueur?

  37. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Hi terence,

    Right now I dont have the recipe. Shall put it up if I come across it.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Sounds tasty, shall make some and try. Thanks in advance, 🙂

  39. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mareena,
    I just love to try out your recipes. I would like to make grape wine. Is is possible for you to post one?
    Thanks – Desouza

  40. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Shall send u the recipe as soon as I can

  41. Luke says:

    Out of interest – how long can you keep the wine for if stored in Glass Bottles?
    Would be ok for a month or two? Does it need to be kept chilled if it is sealed in a glass bottle properly?


  42. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Hi Luke,

    This wine has a really long shelf life. So yes you can store them in glass bottles for more then a month. Neednt be chilled.

  43. Suraj Khanna says:

    Hi Mareena, tried the ginger wine recipe, was very tasty. Fortified with 180ml of rum for that extra strength. 90ml for each 1ltr bottle

  44. Anonymous says:

    Hello Mareena,
    I tried ginger wine but did not know whether to strain and fill the glass bottles of straight away with all the residue.
    Please clarify. I have strained and filled up. Hope it comes out well. The taste is superb. I will also try Suraj Khanna’s idea of adding rum only in one bottle. – Desouza

  45. Mareena Jerrish says:

    In the instructions. it is mentioned to strain the mixture before adding yeast. Probably you missed that

  46. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mareena
    Thanks for reply. I did strain before adding yeast but the yeast and citric acid crystals leave a white residue at the bottom of the bottles. Y/day when I gave my people to taste they found it very sweet, but I liked it. The look of the wine is not as clear as shown in your pic. Where have I missed out? I have done it exactly as per your recipe.

  47. Ashima Batra says:

    Dear Mareena,

    Many Ginger Wine recipes mention adding juice 1 orange and 1 lime along with zest and a cup of raisins. if I add the 3 items to your recipe, will it go bad or something?


  48. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Hi Ashima,

    The recipe I have given is something we hvae been following for years. I have never tried adding anything else. So wouldnt be able to comment on it. Sorry 🙁

  49. Ashima Batra says:

    Dear Mareena, I need to understand why we need to put citric acid? what is the role of citric acid in this recipe? Also request you to send recipe of grape wine. Thank you.

  50. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Citric acid is added to boost the acidity. shall send u the recipe of grape wine when time permits..A bit too tied up till the end of this month

  51. Ashima Batra says:

    Last night at 10pm I completed the processing of Ginger Wine. Set it aside for 3 days. Alas Delhi weather is COLD. Let’s see what happens in 72 hours…waiting….

  52. Ann says:

    how long will this wine stay..will it mature as it stands

  53. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Hey Ann,

    It does get stronger as it stands

  54. Deepa says:

    Hi..I missed the point where it said strain the wine and add Yeast. I have added the yeast and citric acid into the full mixture. Just completed it and came back to see the recipe and found that I have missed the step. DO I go back and strain it now itself or is it okay if I leave my closed bottle for 3 days with full content of ginger and chillies in it? Let me know what I can do please!! Dont want my wine to go bad. Thanks.

  55. Mareena Jerrish says:

    You can still strain it.

  56. anonymous says:

    Hey Maureen, another query…..I had made blackberry wine in Feb 2013.I went thro all the usual steps but when I took out the wine this Christmas (2013) I found the wine to be sourish and insipid.What can I add to make it tasty and palatable??

  57. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Havent made blackberry wine ever. So i wouldnt be able to help you out with that ..Sorry 🙁

  58. Bisht says:

    Hi Mareena,

    thanks for nice receipe,
    some question,
    can yeast is necessary for making wine?
    can we use dry bakers yest for making grape or any wine?
    can you send me Fresh grape wine making receipe for my mail id
    [email protected].

  59. Mareena Jerrish says:

    yes Bisht,

    Yeast is necessary for wine making. I have been using dry yeast only. As for the grape wine recipe, it will take some time. Pls bear with me till then

  60. Jitendra says:

    I Made ginger wine. It was excellent in taste. Hot flavour of peppers is just too good in wine.
    Can u send recipie for turmeric wine?

  61. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Hi Jitendra,

    Never tried making turmeric wine.. neither have I heard of it.

  62. albert says:

    can you use liquid ginger instead of root ginger i am sure my grandmother made it this way

  63. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Am not too sure of that :/

  64. nancy says:

    It seems that 3 days is too soon? We’re new at this, but from what we’ve read in other sites, it takes much longer. They also say to allow the air to get to it, but you say “air-tight”…. just wondering… we’re on day 2 now… but wondering if we shouldn’t leave it longer and allow air to get into it? Thanks so much

  65. Mareena Jerrish says:

    It has been made this way all along at our household. I would suggest that you try yourself and find out if you like it

  66. nancy says:

    Thanks Mareena, We are on Day 3 of our ginger wine and it is still fermenting. The flavor is absolutely perfect right now but we can’t stop it from fermenting?

  67. Teena Sophia Lopez says:

    Hi Mareena,

    Could you possibly send the recipe of grape wine to [email protected]

    Do you have any recipe for mixed fruit wine?

  68. carol castillo says:

    dear mareena,
    I trying to make your ginger wine, what yeast do I use, and do you put any lemon juice too. how will I know when the fermenting period is over. your recipe seems very simple hope it come out well.
    carol c.

  69. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Hi Carol,

    I get yeast from the US (Fleischmann’s yeast). I have used only citric acid. However a friend of mine had made using lime juice successfully. After 3 days , you can open the jar and use.

  70. mirmcardozo says:

    Hey Mareena
    Tried ur wine recipe turned out nice. Can I have the grape wine recipe as well.

  71. Mareena Jerrish says:

    yes Shall try n put it up soon

  72. Santhosh David says:

    I am going to try your wine recipe … please send me GRAPE wine recipe…………..thanks in advance

  73. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Pls have a look at the blog. The recipe is there.

  74. Aggie Low Mei says:

    Hi Mareena may i knw wht’s citris acid? And is it the same if i use the lemon juice instead if not where can i buy the cotris acid? After 3 days is ready but how long can we keep tis wine pls let me knw thx.

  75. Mareena Jerrish says: get citric acid crystals in supermarkets. The wine can be kept as long as you like.. Store it in dark coloured bottles.. It gets stronger as it ages


    Where should the mixture should keep- whether in or out side refrigerator. After three days should it keep in the fridge. Regards- Sudipta Chaudhuri, India-


    Can I keep the mixture in edible grade plastic container with lid on. Do it require baloon stopper ?

  78. Mareena Jerrish says:

    The ginger mixture should be kept outside. I have never made in plastic containers but have read that it be done so.


    Where should the mixture should keep- whether in or out side refrigerator. After three days should it keep in the fridge. Regards- Sudipta Chaudhuri, India-


    Dear Mareena – I am talking about ginger wine and not grape wine

  81. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Sorry sudipta my mistake. I meant ginger mixture only

  82. Anjali says:

    Dear Mareena I have a doubt. You have mentioned in your post to keep it for 3 days for fermentation. So if I make it today ie Tuesday is today day 1 and we can use the wine on Friday or tomorrow Wednesday is day 1 and we can use wine on Saturday.

  83. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Hi Anjali, You can start using from Friday. Ideally it’s better if you rest it for a week for better taste.(after bottling)

  84. Anjali says:

    Mareena the wine u have showed in the picture is crystal clear. But for me it looks cloudy. After 3 days of fermentation do we need to strain it again and keep in different bottle? Or will it be clear in a weeks time?

  85. Mareena Jerrish says:

    once you pour into the bottle and rest it will become clear

  86. Anjali says:

    OK dear.. Thank you

  87. Praveen Dsouza says:

    Hi Mareena… Please share Betle leaves wine recipe

  88. veena says:

    Even i like to hve betle leave wine recipe.

  89. Julian Benham says:

    Hello Mareena

  90. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Hi Julian, How can I help you?

  91. Julian Benham says:

    Hi Mareena, I’m seriously going to try out your ginger wine recipe in a couple of days , but I was just wondering if I can cut down on the sugar – as it may overpower the ginger and spices. I definitely like the taste to be more balanced. Can you advise me to this please. Thanks & regards .

  92. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Yes Julian. You may cut down the sugar if you don’t want it too sweet. In this recipe the sugar doesn’t really overpower the ginger and spices though.


    Hi Mareena


    What will be the alcohol contents in the wine. How can we measure that ?

  95. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Hi sudipta.. Good to see you back. Thought you would have made the wine already 🙂 I am afraid I won’t be able to help you with your query as I haven’t checked the alcohol content in it. My apologies


    I was ready to prepare the wine. Suddenly the above question clicked in my mind. Hope the wine will be safe for consume. Thanks once again.

  97. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Yes It’s absolutely safe to consume. That can be assured 🙂


    Thanks a lot

  99. Mareena Jerrish says:

    You are welcome

  100. Julian Benham says:

    Thanks Mareena, will try that and will update you with some photos too. Cheers !

  101. Annie Thomas says:

    Sounds great! Am going to try this out!

  102. MareenasRecipeCollections says:

    Do let me know if you liked it 🙂

  103. Ruth jones says:

    Made some on Saturday had it today, totally fantastic gonna do some more easy to follow instructions xx

  104. MareenasRecipeCollections says:

    Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback 🙂

  105. Katie says:

    Hi is this an alcoholic drink?

  106. MareenasRecipeCollections says:

    Wine has very less alcohol content Katie.

  107. Katie says:

    Thankyou for your response..I would like to make one which has alcohol in it ?

  108. Katie says:

    Hi is this an alcoholic drink?

  109. Mareena Jerrish says:

    I’m not sure the level of alcohol content in this wine. You could try making maybe..

  110. James Roger says:

    Ma’am any yeast I can put over.

  111. MareenasRecipeCollections says:

    I didn’t understand your question James. Are you asking if you can use any type of yeast?

  112. James Roger says:

    Yes, I wanted to know which is the preferable type of yeast I can put over. Please suggest me alternatives to yeast. And also give me the details about the preparation which is handy.

  113. Jean Brisson says:

    Hi Mareena,. My ginger wine is in the 3 day fermentation phase and a layer is forming at top. Should this eventually be decanted? Thanks, Jean

  114. MareenasRecipeCollections says:

    Hi Jean. Yes you should decant it 🙂

  115. Anisha says:

    Hi. I’m not sure the wine is ready yet. There is no layer of yeasty foam. It’s been 3 days already. Though it smells right, the ginger bits at the bottom look the same as they did on the first day. Even the colour looks good. Do I add more yeast and leave it for another few days? Thanks.

  116. MareenasRecipeCollections says:

    If it smells right it should be done. You may strain the wine and bottle it.

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