Pork Recipes

Char Siu / Chinese Barbecue Pork Roast

Every time we buy pork, I make it the traditional way as my boys love it. I have been trying out some new recipe for a change. Browsing through my ‘to-do list’, I was reminded …

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Schnitzel is a thin slice of meat, usually breaded and fried. The dish supposedly originated from Austria. The schnitzel is known by different names in different countries. The Schnitzel can be made with any meat …

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Sorpotel, also known as Sarapatel, is a dish of Portuguese origin. This dish is a delicacy in Goa. Ever since I prepared the dish some time back, this has become one of my favourite Pork preparations. This dish is usually made with the offals, i.e the ear, nose, tail, tripe etc. Once I bought the ‘Sorpotel mix’ available in the nearby meat shop to bring authenticity to the dish. As we were not used to seeing ears, tail etc in our plate, we just couldn’t have it. Some people add liver to the dish along with meat. Ideally the meat…

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Stir fried Minced meat with Vegetables

It’s Easter today. A special day for the Christians all over the world. This is the day for celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as the culmination of the forty days’ lent. Stir fried Minced meat with vegetables, is something that can be whipped up in a jiffy. It goes well with Rice or any bread. You may use any vegetables of your choice. Make sure you add them according to the cooking time.

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Pork Vindaloo

Here’s the recipe of Pork Vindaloo, which I got from the site Goan Food Recipes. I have lost count of the number of times I have made this. A must try recipe.. 🙂 You can substitute pork with any meat of your choice. Pork Vindaloo Source:Goan Food Recipes

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